NOFA Summer Conference 2020: Co-op Track Presentations

The Neighboring Food Co-op Association (NFCA) sponsored a special track of workshops and presentations, “Co-operatives in the Food System,” at the 46th Annual NOFA Summer Conference, online July-August, 2020.

The Co-op Track workshops were organized in collaboration with Co-op Food Stores, New England Farmers Union, and the Valley Alliance of Worker Co-ops.  These workshops address the various ways co-operative enterprises contribute to a healthy, just, and sustainable food system, including expanding outlets for farm products, how food co-ops strengthen food security and build community power and sustainable food systems, and how to launch a new co-op or convert your existing business to a co-operative.

How to Start or Convert to a Co-operative Business 

This presentation from the 46th NOFA Summer Conference is for folks interested in establishing your

food/farm business as a legacy and retaining jobs using the co-operative business structure.  Co-ops root business in communities, strengthen buy-in, build a resilient & sustainable economy. Learn how co-ops work, the start-up process, benefits of conversion & track record. Hear from those who’ve converted their business to the co-op model, members from worker co-ops, and co-op developers.


    • Bonnie Hudspeth, Co-op Developer, Neighboring Food Co-op Association.
    • Adam Trott, Executive Director, Valley Alliance of Worker Co-ops & Shared Capital Co-operative, Member Relations Director.


Expanding Outlets for Your Farm Products 

This presentation from the 46th NOFA Summer Conference focuses on how our food co-ops make a priority of supporting local farmers and producers. We build sustainability through long-term relationships, transparency, and our sales channels complimenting direct marketing, offering volume, marketing, and stable, year-round markets. Explore what’s entailed in having your products in co-ops and innovative ways co-ops foster farmer sustainability.


  • Suzette Snow-Cobb, Sourcing Coordinator, Neighboring Food Co-op Association.
  • Jacob Vincent, Merchandising Manager, Hanover Co-op Food Stores