The Neighboring Food Co-op Association includes more than 40 Food Co-ops and Start-Ups across New England and New York State, locally owned by more than 185,000 people like you (Click here for a map of your local co-ops).  Together, our co-ops generate annual revenue of $442.5 million, employ 2,545 people, and sell $121 million in local products – an average of 27% of total sales.  Last year, 10,000 people joined our member food co-ops, working together to build more healthy, just, and sustainable food system and a more inclusive economy for everyone (2023).

Fiddleheads Food Co-op at the 2024 Earth Day Expo at the Groton Public Library

Our Connecticut Members include 2 Food Co-ops, locally owned by more than 11,900 people.  Together, these co-ops employ more than 90 people, generate over $13.5 million in revenue, and sell more than $2 million in local products.  Last year, more than 730 people joined our Connecticut Food Co-ops (2023).

For more information on your Neighboring Food Co-ops in Connecticut, visit the links below or click here to view a map.

Sarah Medeiros (front row, center) of Willimantic Food Co-op and other College Conference on Co-operatives (CCOC) attendees with Barbara Rightler, Membership Committee Chair, Valley View Cooperative.