Regional Sourcing

Building a Co-operative Food System

Around the world, co-operatives have been innovators in the food system. Here in our region, food co-ops have served as laboratories for new ways of thinking about the way we eat, from healthy food to organic agriculture, and fairly traded goods to systems for the distribution and retailing of bulk products.  More recently, co-ops in the region have also served as important partners and incubators for local businesses – a place where they can can test out new products as we rebuild regional food systems.

As part of our effort to continue to innovate as we contribute to a healthy, just and sustainable food system, the NFCA has been working to identify products that are feasible to grow and process in our region but are currently unavailable or difficult to source on the regional level. Our immediate goal is to create projects that enable our food co-ops to demonstrate what is possible when we leverage our shared strength.  We currently focus on two such initiatives:

  • Cave to Co-op is our collaboration with the local distributor Provisions International and cheesemakers across our region to offer great artisan cheeses at an affordable price.
  • Farm to Freezer, is a project offering regionally grown and processed frozen fruits & vegetables through local distributor Associated Buyers and available exclusively at our member food co-ops across the Northeast.

For more information on these projects, please click on the above links or visit one of your Neighboring Food Co-ops.

Logo.Nationwide.Vert.jpgSpecial thanks thanks to our partners at Nationwide Insurance for their support of our sourcing activities as we celebrate a decade of co-operation in 2021.