Resources for Food Co-op Startups

Starting a new food co-op is both rewarding and challenging.  It’s good to have the support of friends along the way!

Ribbon cutting at Urban Greens Co-op Market, Providence, RI, 2019.

The Sixth Principle of the Co-operative Identity recognizes that “co-operatives serve their members most effectively and strengthen the co-operative movement by working together through local, national, regional and international structures.”  Indeed, the most successful co-operative movements in the world are those that are linked together by formal associations with a shared vision for growth and success.

That’s why the NFCA is focused on leveraging our shared resources, expertise, and experience to support the next wave of food co-ops in the Northeast.  Startup members receive a broad range of support, including participation in our free annual gathering for startup organizers, in collaboration with Food Co-op Initiative.

Contact us for more information on membership and see below for more resources for Startups.

Special thanks to our partners at Cooperative Development Foundation and Organic Valley for their support of our Startup Development activities as we celebrate a decade of Co-operation in 2021!

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The NFCA & Food Co-op Startups

Basics: Food Co-op Development in a Nutshell

How to Start Co-op Manuals

Capital Campaign Planning

Case Studies

Community Organizing Resources

Board Resources





NFCA Start-up Workshop Day Presentations


Project Management