Co-op Development

Rooted in the Co-operative Values of mutual self-help and self-responsibility, co-ops enable people to work together to access healthy, nutritious food, support local producers, and build stronger, more sustainable communities.  Together, our food co-ops are building shared success and increasing our impact.

NFCA Peer Training for Board Directors

As a co-operative association of food co-ops, the NFCA focuses on development activities that are member-guided and peer-driven, bringing together food co-op managers, staff, directors, and partners for dialogs, workshops, and networking activities designed to support collaboration and innovation. We also provide direct technical assistance in areas that support business success, building on the experience of our Member Co-ops.

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Peer Networking Groups

Rooted in the Principle of Co-operation among Co-operatives — the idea that the best way to meet our needs and goals is by working together — our Peer Networking Groups provide opportunities for Member Co-ops to collaborate, build support systems, and support shared success. 

Healthy Food Access

The co-operative movement is rooted in food security and community empowerment. The NFCA worked with partners to launch our Healthy Food Access Project to support food co-ops in making healthy food and co-op membership more accessible to everyone.

Start Up Support

Starting a new Food Co-op is both rewarding and challenging.  It’s good to have the support of friends along the way! The NFCA leverages the experience and resources of our members and the assistance of partners to support start-up success.

SUPPORTING Small Food Co-ops

Small food co-ops are vital resources for their communities, and also face unique challenges. With the support of the Cooperative Development Foundation (CDF), the NFCA provides technical assistance and resources through Small Food Co-ops Resource Portal.

Annual Meetings & Member Gatherings

Providing a space for collaboration and mutual support for Food Co-op leaders is central to the work of the Neighboring Food Co-op Association (NFCA). For example, our  Annual Meeting brings together Member Co-ops from across our region, as well as partners and guests, for a day of networking, presentations, and workshops.

These programs and activities are supported by the member co-ops of the Neighboring Food Co-op Association (NFCA), with the additional support of these partner organizations.