What We Do

The Neighboring Food Co-op Association (NFCA) was founded by food co-ops across New England and New York State to support work together to advance our vision for a co-operative economy and a more healthy, just and sustainable food system. Our mission is to support growth, innovation, and shared success among our member co-ops through collaboration, education, and partnerships. For more information in what we’re doing, please scroll through the links below.

Food Co-ops make a difference every day, empowering people from all walks of life to work together to improve access to healthy, affordable food, support local producers, and build stronger, more resilient and sustainable communities. We are telling our stories, increasing our impact, and communicating our difference.

Rooted in the Co-operative Values of mutual Self-Help and Self-Responsibility, Food Co-ops enable people to work together to access healthy, nutritious food, support local producers, and build stronger, more sustainable and inclusive communities.  Together, we are growing our co-ops and building shared success.

Education, Training & Information” is a basic Principle of the International Co-operative Movement, equipping people to transform their lives, communities, and the economy around us. We’re providing opportunities for learning and action to support successful Food Co-ops.

Our vision is of a Co-operative Economy, rooted in a more healthy, just and sustainable food system. We’re working together to leverage the shared purchasing power our Food Co-ops to create change.

National policy influences our regional farm and food system – and the wider economy. We’re working together with partners to strengthen our democracy and influence the policies that affect us all.

The Co-operative Economy is much bigger than you may think – and its potential is even greater. We know that the best way to increase our impact is by working together.

Running a small Food Co-op or getting a new one off the ground is both rewarding and challenging.  We’re working together to support the shared success of our co-operatives.