Peer Networking Groups

Rooted in the Principle of Co-operation among Co-operatives — the idea that the best way to meet our needs and goals is through association — our peer networking opportunities for Member Co-ops to support shared success.

Central to the mission of the Neighboring Food Co-op Association (NFCA) is providing opportunities for our Member Co-ops to network, build supportive relationships, and share ideas, strategies, and innovations to support shared success.

Our Peer Networking Groups provide forums for ongoing informal communication, problem-solving and collaboration for co-op Directors, Managers, and Departmental Staff.  We also provide more formal Communities of Practice as opportunities for co-creation of value — strategic initiatives that can support innovation, competitive advantage, and articulation of the Co-operative Identity in our business operations. 

Our Peer Groups are organized based on feedback from our Member Co-ops on their needs and priorities, and currently include online opportunities for Board Leaders, Bulk Departments, New(ish) General Managers, Prepared Foods Departments, and Small Food Co-ops

Contact us for more information on how your food co-op can participate.