Celebrate Co-op Month!

This October, your Neighboring Food Co-ops are joining co-operatives and credit unions across the United States in celebrating Co-op Month. For 2020, the National Cooperative Business Association CLUSA International (NCBA CLUSA) has identified “Co-ops Commit: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion” as the theme for the month, celebrating how co-operatives are people working together to build more just, resilient, and inclusive communities.

For ideas on how your co-op can spread the word, see below.   The NFCA will be sending resources to Member Co-ops to help you celebrate, including our annual Co-op Month Photo Competition!

Food Co-ops: Join the Celebration!

Below are some ideas on how your food co-op can celebrate Co-op Month and promote the difference that your co-op makes in your community every day.  By working together with other co-operatives and credit unions, we can also communicate the impact of our member-driven business model across the food system and economy.  However you decide to celebrate, let us know so we can spread the word!


  • Use the Theme.  Every year, NCBA CLUSA chooses a theme to unite co-ops and credit unions in celebrating Co-op Month.  Use the theme “Co-ops Commit: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion”  in your promotions and social media communications to help spread the word.
  • Tell Your Story.  Download our customizable Co-op Month Press Release / Newsletter Story for use in your food co-op’s newsletter, website or blog post, or as a press release promoting the shared impact of our food co-ops in the Northeast.  Check out these examples from Member Co-op newsletters:
  • Tell Our Story.  Share the story of our collective impact and power through our co-op federation, the Neighboring Food Co-op Association.  Check out this example from Middlebury Natural Foods Co-op.
  • Co-op Month Images. Include the NFCA’s Co-op Month Logo in your co-op’s advertising, newsletters, flyers and other materials during October.
  • Organize a Co-op Month Ad in Your Community. Invite other co-ops and credit unions in your community to pitch in on a shared ad in your local newspaper.  For an example from the Valley Co-operative Business Association, click HERE.
  • Share this video from Co-operative Network — “Co-ops are Everywhere! — in your food co-op newsletter or on your website!
  • Social Media. Help spread the word about Co-op Month this October by using the hashtag #CoopMonth!


  • Participate in our Co-op Month Photo Competition with awesome Co-op Swag from some of your favorite co-ops! 
  • Display the NFCA’s “Go Co-op” Rack Cards. Use the NFCA’s “Go Co-op” rack cards to promote Co-op Month to members and shoppers in your food co-op and at special events.  NFCA member co-ops receive a bundle of cards in September in preparation for Co-op Month, or you can request a bundle by e-mailing info@nfca.coop.
  • Use “Go Co-op” Shelf Tags to Promote Co-op Products. Use the NFCA’s “Go Co-op” Shelf Talkers (photo above) to promote co-op suppliers in your food co-op.  Every September NFCA member co-ops receive printed copies to update their shelves. You can also download templates here to print on pre-perforated channel tag paper: Bulk, Grocery, Refrigerated & Wellness items, and Cheese & Dairy items.
  • Co-op Month Buttons for Staff, Board Members and Volunteers doing outreach. We will be mailing a set of buttons to member co-ops in time for Co-op Month. Let us know if you want to request a specific number.
  • Co-op Month Sales. Set up an end cap or special Co-op Month Specials on products from co-op suppliers.  Visit www.nfca.coop/co-opproducts for a list of co-op suppliers. Check out October 2020’s special on Cabot Clothbound from Jasper Hill (Available exclusively through for NFCA Co-ops through Provisions and Seacrest). For more info: Clothbound.NFCA Coop Month
  • Demo Co-op Products. Spread the word about co-ops by sharing their products with shoppers at your food co-op.  Some co-ops in our region that you may want to reach out to include:
  • Invite Other Co-ops to Table at Your Food Co-op or Event. Invite local farmer co-ops, worker co-ops, energy co-ops, credit unions, etc., to share information at a busy shopping day at your food co-op or at a special Co-op Month event. For a map of co-ops in our region, visit www.nfca.coop/co-opeconomy.
  • Fundraise for Co-op Development during Co-op Month. Set aside a day, week or the whole month to invite shoppers to round up at the register to raise funds for the Federation of Southern Cooperatives / Land Assistance Fund supporting land retention and co-operative development for Black farmers and their communities in the South, the Cooperative Development Foundation which provides resources for co-operative education, development, and emergency relief, and the Food Co-op Initiative supporting the next wave of food co-ops in our communities!


  • Co-op Month Talking Points. Your staff and members are your best ambassadors for your food co-op. Provide them with talking points on Co-op Month and how your food co-ops builds community every day. It could be as simple as:

“Did you know that October is National Co-op Month? We’re celebrating the many ways that our co-op is committed to our community, including [share any special events or promotions that your co-op has planned].”

Or more detailed:

“We’re excited to celebrate how our food co-op is committed to diversity, equity & inclusion — and representing the whole community. Did you know that we’re locally owned by over ____ members, provide good jobs to ____ people, and purchase more that $____ from local producers every year?”

“And we’re not alone! The Neighboring Food Co-op Association includes 40 food co-ops and startups that are locally owned by more than 150,000 people across the Northeast, providing good jobs to 2,450 people, and selling more than $93 million in local products every year.”

  • Co-op Month Membership Drive. Co-op Month is a great time to build your food co-op or startup membership! Use this opportunity to help potential members understand what makes your co-op different and why they should join.
  • Help Your Members Share Your Co-op:
    • Bring a Friend to Your Co-op Day.” Offer some incentive for every member who brings in a friend who has never shopped in their Co-op or who brings in a friend to join, or…
    • Bring Your Co-op to Work Day.”  Create basic materials for how members can share about their Co-op at work (in staff meetings, bulletin board) or in community groups (book club, sports, etc.).


  • Co-op Month Proclamation.  Submitting a local Co-op Month proclamation is a great way to raise awareness of the difference that co-ops make in our communities every day!  Download our template “Co-op Month Proclamation” to adapt and submit to your city or town.
  • Organize a Co-op Month Event. Work with other co-ops and credit unions in the community to organize a Co-op Month Cookout with information tables, or a Film Showing and discussion forum with a video that includes information on co-ops such as:
    • The Visionaries PBS program (2016) celebrates NCBA CLUSA’s 100th anniversary and will be ready for release this fall — your food co-op can sign up to host a screening for Co-op Month!
    • Food for Change” (2014) is an 82-minute documentary film focusing on food co-ops as a force for dynamic social and economic change in American culture.
    • Shift Change” features Spain’s Mondragón co-ops and worker co-ops here in the US.
  • Reach Out to Your Local School or Community Organization. Use the New England Farmers Union Curriculum, “Co-operatives: The Business of Teamwork” in education & outreach programs at your co-op, or share it with local schools and community organizations that do educational programs.  Curriculum includes content for grades 1 to adult.  Download a copy HERE or e-mail info@nfca.coop for more information on printed copies.
  • Start a Co-op Month Book Group for members at your food co-op with titles focused on co-operatives and diversity, equity & inclusion:


Don’t forget to tell us what your co-op is doing to celebrate Co-op Month.  Send your ideas and copies of your co-op’s ads, press releases, promotions, and newsletter articles to info@nfca.coop so we can share them with other co-ops in our community.