Co-op Month Photo Competition

It’s Co-op Month: time to show off your Co-op Pride with our Co-op Month Photo Competition for staff at our Neighboring Food Co-ops!

This competition for NFCA Co-op Staff runs the whole month of October with a different theme for each week.  The goal is to engage and excite our member-owners and shoppers by visually demonstrating in our stores our Co-operative Values, Co-op Difference, and how our Co-ops are demonstrating the theme “Build Back for Impact.”  There will be a winner announced for each of the 4 categories on the Saturday of each week, with co-op swag prizes.

For some inspiration, check out some of the past Co-op Month Photo Competition Winners!

How to participate:

  1. Create displays/gather staff/carve a pumpkin in your co-op using the week’s theme.
  2. Take a photograph of the theme and…
  3. Post the photo to your Co-op’s Facebook account. In the photo’s description, say what the item is and tag it with #NeighborCoops and #CoopMonth so it can be counted.
  4. All photos must be posted for that week by Friday 5 p.m..
  5. After the week ends, Neighboring Food Co-op Association staff will announce a winner and post on NFCA social media.

Contest Themes By Week:

Week 1Co-op Made Display: Photo of an End Cap, floor display, or shelf demonstrating the co-op identity/co-op difference and promoting other Co-ops in the food system, particularly highlighting the Co-op Month theme, promoting products, etc.

    • Post by: Friday, October 8th by Close of Business

Week 2: Co-ops: Build back for Impact.  Photo demonstrating the 2021 Co-op Month theme of “Build Back for Impact.” Demonstrate how your Co-op is working to grow and build back more just, resilient, and inclusive communities.  For example, show how your co-op is addressing the global pandemic (mutual aid, community resources, etc.), climate emergency (waste reduction, energy recycling, etc.) or systemic racism (community programs, training, Round Up contributions, etc.). How is your co-op building back an economy that works for everyone and embracing the values and principles that make us truly unique?

    • Post by: Friday, October 15th by Close of Business

Week 3: Co-op Staff Pride Photo: We know your staff is awesome: show us! Our Co-op’s staff has gone above and beyond to keep our communities fed and safe during this COVID crisis, and beyond.  Share a photo of your Co-op Staff showing their Co-op Pride. Could include NFCA temporary tattoo, buttons, or bumper stickers or info cards.

    • Post by: Friday, October 22nd by Close of Business

Week 4: Co-op Jack-0′-Lantern/Fall Harvest Display: Carved pumpkin, pumpkin display, or Fall harvest extravaganza display with the Co-op Month Theme/Co-ops Rock/your Co-op logo/name, etc.

    • Post by: Friday, October 29th by Close of Business

Much thanks and appreciation to our sponsors for participating by providing the  prizes!  

Check back for updates!    


Win awesome Co-op swag from these sponsoring Co-op Producers AND get recognition of your co-op’s awesomeness on NFCA social media!


Congratulations 2021 Co-op Month Winners!

Week 1 Winner: Co-op Made Display: Littleton Food Co-op



Week II Winners: Build back for Impact theme: Flatbush Food Co-op NY and High Falls Food Co-op NY

Flatbush Food Co-op celebrating Co-op Community Day with Artmaggedon 2. A community event with works by local artists and artisans and free kids art activities!

High Falls Co-op announces no longer carrying 16oz plastic water bottles for sale. They have been replaced with Boxed Water is Better and also now have Rainforest Water, in aluminum bottles. Rainforest Water plants a tree for each bottle sold, and Boxed Water is Better will plant two trees for each. Front End Team Member Michael Santiago and Produce Manager Paris Martin hydrate enthusiastically with these new products!


Week III Winner: Staff Pride Belfast Co-op, ME




Week IV Winner: Co-op Jack-0′-Lantern/Fall Harvest Display

CONGRATS to the 2020 Co-op Month Winners!

Week 1 Winner: Co-op End Cap/Co-op Shelf Promo: Littleton Food Co-op


Littleton Food Co-op’s fabulous #GoCoop display showcases Fair Trade and co-op-made products and the Co-op Month theme on display! “Did you know that October is Co-op Month *and* it’s also Fair Trade Month? Equal Exchange is a co-operative based in New England – whenever you buy their coffee, tea, and chocolate you’re helping to support fair trade practices and a more just food system.”


Week 2 Winner: Co-ops Commit: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion: Putney Food Co-op


Hip Hip Hooray for The Putney Co-op Inclusion Team! Putney Food Coop garnered the winning spot for Week 2’s theme: Co-ops Commit: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion. “The Putney Co-op Inclusion Team meeting outside yesterday. The inclusion team was initiated by staff that want to focus on Education, Discussion, and Action on ways to increase inclusivity, diversity, and equity in our co-op.” How is your Co-op is working to support a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive Co-op and community?


Week 3: Co-op Staff Pride Photo: Middlebury Natural Foods Co-op


“In honor of Co-op Month, we’re celebrating Co-op Staff Pride Day! We’re beyond proud to be part of this fun, quirky family of nearly 100 individuals who are committed to serving our community and making sure that this locally-owned, democratically-operated neighborhood store is firing on all cylinders. We’re proud of the work that we do and we thank you for your support!”

Week 4 Winner: Jack-o-lantern or Fall Display: Littleton Food Co-op


Littleton Co-op staff went all out with their pumpkin carving and decorating! “When you come to the co-op this weekend check out the carved pumpkin display! Each one was made by a member of our staff and they are SUPER SPOOKY.”



Special Recognition/Honorable Mention:

Special shout out to Rutland Area Food Co-opGreenStar Food Co-op and Littleton Food Co-op for their


posting highlighting the Co-op Month theme: Co-ops Commit: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion. Keep up the important work all year long!













CONGRATS to the 2019 Co-op Month Winners!

Week 1 Winner: Co-op End Cap/Co-op Shelf Promo: Middlebury Natural Foods Co-op


Middlebury Natural Foods Co-op‘s fabulous #GoCoop display showcases many products made by co-ops! We spy products from Cabot Creamery Co-operative, La Riojana Cooperativa, Blue Diamond Almonds, Real Pickles and Simply Organic.


Week 2 Winner: Co-ops: By the Community, For the Community: Springfield Food Co-op


Springfield Food Co-op’s photos of how their Co-op commits to their community includes their Community Roots Outreach Projects’ team works to connect to our greater community through programs that help fight food insecurity, fund non-profit organizations, and benefit the financial and social health of our members, shoppers, and beyond.


Week 3: Co-op Pride Staff Photo: Monadnock Food Co-op


The staff at Monadnock Food Co-op love to show off their Co-op Pride every day…and especially during Co-op Month. “Happy Co-op Month, y’all!”


Week 4: Co-op Jack-0′-Lantern/Pumpkin Display:

All Winners! Putney Food Co-op, Hunger Mountain Food Co-op, and Brattleboro Food Co-op all posted their carved pumpkins. Co-op pride pumpkin style!

Putney Food Co-op
Hunger Mountain Food Co-op
Brattleboro Food Co-op






CONGRATS to the 2018 Co-op Month Winners!

Week 1 WinnerCo-op End Cap: Middlebury Natural Foods Co-op

Co-op-Made Products Get the Spotlight at the Middlebury Natural Foods Co-op

Week 2 Winner: Co-op Shelf Promo: Brattleboro Food Co-op 

Ruth from Brattleboro Food Co-op & Co-op-Produced Katalyst Kombucha

Week 3 Winners: Co-op Pride Staff Photo: Putney Food Co-op & Springfield Food Co-op

Front End Staff at Springfield Food Co-op
Staff at Putney Food Co-op show their Co-op Pride in front of their Equal Exchange Display

Week 4 Winner: Co-op Jack-0′-Lantern: Rutland Area Food Co-op

Rutland Area Food Co-op’s Jack-o’-Lantern: “We See the Future”: “You look at our co-ops throughout Vermont, through the US, and throughout the world, and you see people banding together, working to save our planet, making sure everyone gets a fair wage for the work they do, and helping individuals get their chance to find and take advantage of their potential. WE See The Future, not one entity, but a group of people, businesses, communities sharing with each other their own experiences, and finding ways to better ourselves and our world.”

Thank You to our Producer Co-ops partners for providing our prizes in past years!