International Co-ops Day 2022

The International Day of Co-operatives (#CoopsDay) is coming up on July 2 and the theme for 2022 is “Co-operatives Build a Better World”

On July 2, co–operatives all around the world will celebrate the 100th International Day of Co–operatives (#CoopsDay).

A decade on from the UN International Year of Co-operatives, which showcased the unique contribution of cooperatives to making the world a better place, this year’s #CoopsDay slogan — “Co-operatives Build a Better World” — echoes the theme of the International Year.

“Co-operatives are answering the wake-up call of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, who warned that the world is ‘on the edge of an abyss — and moving in the wrong direction’, and exclaimed that ‘to restore trust, and inspire hope, we need co-operation, we need dialogue, we need understanding’. For nearly two centuries, co-operatives have been pulling in this direction. This was amply highlighted at the 33rd World Co-operative Congress, held by the International Co-operative Alliance in December 2021, which focused a spotlight on how their shared identity is moving co-operatives to take action to address the world’s problems” declared Bruno Roelants, Director General of the ICA.

The ICA invites co-operators everywhere to spread the word about how our human-centred business model, inspired by the co-operative values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity, and solidarity and the ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others, is building a better world.

Operating all around the world, in many different sectors of economy, co-operatives have proven themselves more resilient to crises than the average. They foster economic participation, fight against environmental degradation and climate change, generate good jobs, contribute to food security, keep financial capital within local communities, build ethical value chains, and, by improving people’s material conditions and security, contribute to positive peace.

“Co-operatives are the only enterprise model with globally agreed principles that rest on a foundation of shared ethical values” added Bruno Roelants.

The ICA calls on co-operators and partners around the world to get ready to celebrate #CoopsDay on 2 July and to show the world how Cooperatives Build a Better World. The 2022 Coopsday actions’ pack including the logo, key messages and other digital resources will be available soon.

About the International Day of Cooperatives

Marked by co-operatives worldwide since 1923 and officially proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly on the centenary of the ICA in 1995, the International Day of Co-operatives is celebrated annually on the first Saturday of July.

The aim of #CoopsDay is to increase awareness of co-operatives and promote the movement’s ideas of international solidarity, economic efficiency, equality, and world peace. Since 1995, the ICA and the United Nations through Committee for the Promotion and Advancement of Cooperatives (COPAC) have jointly set the theme for the celebration of #CoopsDay.

Through #CoopsDay, local, national and global policymakers, civil-society organizations and the public in general can learn about the contribution of co-operatives to a secure future for all.

For resources to help your co-op celebrate, visit

“Across our region, food co-ops have worked to keep their communities safe while ensuring access to healthy, local food,” said Erbin Crowell, Executive Director of the Neighboring Food Co-op Association (NFCA).  “And as we work to build back better, we know that our co-ops will be taking the lead in working together to ensure a more healthy, just, and sustainable future for everyone.”

The NFCA is a regional federation of more than 42 food co-ops and startups, locally owned by more than 168,350 members and employing over 2,450 people.  During the pandemic, co-ops have been leaders in working to ensure that shoppers could access healthy food while remaining safe, including online ordering, curbside pick-up, and special shopping hours for at-risk consumers.  At the same time, they remained committed to local producers, selling more than $100 million in local products annually – or over 25% of store sales, on average.  Last year, more than 14, 365 people joined their Neighboring Food Co-ops, reflecting growing interest in food security, community ownership, and economic inclusion.

As part of Co-ops Day celebrations, food co-ops across the Northeast are demonstrating their commitment to our communities and to building more inclusive economies as we work to rebuild in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Celebrated internationally on the first Saturday in July, Co-ops Day in the United States coincides with Independence Day, offering a unique opportunity to focus on the democratic values of the co-operative business model. Based on the principle of one member one vote, co-ops reflect American ideals of democracy, self-help, self-responsibility, and social responsibility. And because co-operatives are focused on meeting member needs rather than maximizing profit, they are focused on goals identified by their members, including social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

Learn more about how Co-operatives Build a Better World by visiting your local food co-op.   You can find a searchable map at this link.