International Co-op Day 2017: Co-ops Ensure No One is Left Behind!

NFCA.Co-opDay.2017.pngOn Saturday, July 1st, co-ops around the world will celebrate International Co-op Day, joining the United Nations (UN) and the International Co-operative Alliance in a commemoration held annually since 1923.  This year, at a time of increasing economic inequality, co-ops and credit unions are highlighting how their businesses can offer a solution by contributing to economic inclusion and building community wealth. For more information, visit

The Neighboring Food Co-op Association (NFCA) is a co-operative network of over 35 food co-ops and start-up initiatives across New England that are working together toward a shared vision of a thriving co-operative economy, rooted in a healthy, just and sustainable food system and a vibrant community of co-operative enterprise. 


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