Prepared Foods Bakery Shift Leader

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River Valley Co-op
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Position: PREPARED FOODS BAKERY SHIFT LEADER Full-time 35-40 hours. Requires open availability, including evenings and weekends.   Status: Reports to Prepared Foods Manager               Supervises Bakery staff in the absence of the Prepared Foods Manager   Pay Level: IV, non-exempt. Location: Easthampton, MA Purpose: To assist the Prepared Foods Manager with supervising the daily shift operations of the kitchen for scratch and bake-off operations; to meet goals for sales, margin, labor expense, and customer service; and provide support to the Prepared Foods Manager for department-wide (kitchen, counter) supervision as needed in absence of other department supervisors.   Responsibilities   PRODUCT FOR SALE Mix and bake a varied assortment including cookies, scones, muffins, ring cakes, layer cakes, coffee cakes, bars, and pies, and train and supervise staff to do the same. Plan and maintain attractive, fully stocked Service and Grab-and-Go dessert sections. Plan and maintain appropriate cross-merchandise pairings with our seasonal deli fare. Provide input on new recipes and products for sale; research and develop recipes based on the Director of Food Services guidelines. Follow approved recipes and ensure staff do the same. Bring any suggested changes to the Prepared Foods Manager and Director of Food Services. Accurately label and date all items made with all ingredients every time.  Ensure freshness of items for sale by rotating, diligent monitoring of dates and keeping batches separate by date, and active promoting of sales of short-dated products while still viable. Regularly inspect the product for quality and consistency. Review shrink/waste/excess product information logs and provide input to the Manager on controls.   PURCHASING For ingredients and supplies as assigned by the Prepared Foods Manager: Confer with the Prepared Foods Buyer to place orders to ensure uninterrupted supply. Receive orders in the absence of the Prepared Foods Buyer, or ensure proper receiving by other deli staff. Make recommendations to the manager based on trends observed.   DEPARTMENT OPERATIONS Consistently ensure the kitchen is maintained safely, orderly, and sanitary, following guidelines set by the Board of Health, Prepared Foods Manager, and Prepared Foods Assistant Manager. Ensure adherence to all food safety/cold and hot storage procedures. Participate in the process of creating seasonal, special, and holiday menu items with the Director of Food Services. Advise the Prepared Foods Manager, Prepared Foods Assistant Manager, and/or Manager on Duty (MOD) of observed potential equipment repairs, replacements, or upgrades necessary. Monitor cooler temperatures; monitor heat unit temperatures. Advise the Manager on Duty (MOD) of observed issues. Ensure established opening and/or closing procedures are adhered to (including cleaning schedule). Pull old or low-quality products and dispose of them properly following established recording procedures. Participate in periodic inventory counts. Ensure Allergens are correctly identified on scale labels and the packaged product has the correct sticker (vegan, gluten-free, etc.).   SUPERVISION & LEADERSHIP Partner with Department Managers to create/maintain/organize prep production lists and delegate tasks where necessary. Support existing systems for special orders and catering orders; recommend improvements. Participate in hiring (applicant screening, interviews), training, and review processes. Act as point person for conflict resolution or problem-solving during shifts, in the absence of a manager. Maintain open communication with all staff at all times, including regular meetings with staff and supervisors. Demonstrate, encourage, and support a positive, productive, and customer-service-based work environment. In the absence of a sub-department leader, Prepared Foods Manager, or Prepared Foods Assistant Manager: Set work priorities and direct staff tasks, including break schedules, to ensure productivity. Act as point of contact for kitchen during the shift, including special orders, catering, and events; fulfill role model/information conduit needs for all deli staff and customers concerning ingredients and products used. Facilitate good and effective communication between the kitchen, counter, and staff for operational excellence and enhanced department teamwork. Assist with on-the-job training, and support the skill development of staff. Fill holes in schedules during unexpected absences. Offer insight into prospective candidates and evaluations of department staff as requested. Ensure customer service standards and expectations are met by all department staff. ALL STAFF DUTIES Attend and participate in department and storewide meetings. Attend and participate in Consistency Meetings with the Director of Food Services. Perform other tasks assigned by the Prepared Foods Manager and the Director of Food Services.   Qualifications Minimum two years of Baking experience. Organized attention to detail. Ability to lift 50 pounds. Manual dexterity with department equipment. Ability to stand for long periods and work in close quarters with many team members. Ability to communicate in a positive tone with all team members and customers. Neat appearance and a personable attitude. Ability to work varied shifts that may begin at 4 am or end after 10 pm depending on operational needs. Ability to work a flexible schedule and an ability to cover shifts as needed. Ability to come to work on time for scheduled shifts and accurately use a time clock. Ability to follow through on verbal and written instruction. Willingness to handle meat and seafood. Ability to follow through on commitments while handling multiple demands. River Valley Co-op is an equal opportunity employer encouraging excellence through diversity.