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To ensure an organized and smoothly run deli department (sandwiches, hot foods, grab n’ go case, bakery shelves) including ordering, pricing, and inventory control. To motivate and provide deli staff with the tools required to ensure the highest level of service possible to the High Falls Food Co-op shopper. To meet department objectives for sales, margin, and labor goals. To lead the department in serving the co-op’s mission and fulfilling the cooperative principles.



Non-exempt, full-time position

Reports to General Manager 






Purchasing and Pricing

  1. In coordination with other department heads, negotiate with suppliers for favorable prices, terms, quality ingredients, and delivery.
  2. Evaluate deli suppliers as necessary and investigate new sources of supply.
  3. Purchase products for department according to store product guidelines.
  4. Ensure adequate supply and selection of products keeping O/S to a minimum.
  5. Receive and process orders for weekly inventory. Check condition and invoice accuracy on all deliveries. Ensure correct product rotation.
  6. Review invoices for price changes and product additions.
  7. Coordinate return of credits for deli suppliers where applicable and ensure that staff know how to do the same.
  8. Ensure accurate up-to-date price labeling of deli products.
  9. Establish prices based on margin goals as set by General Manager.
  10. Communicate ordering times and deadlines to other departments when that vendor is a shared vendor. Communicate changes in usual delivery time to other departments when that vendor is a shared vendor. 


Department Operations, Sanitation, and Safety 

  1. Research and develop employee safety measures for food handling and preparation, implementing the most functional and efficient ergonomics.
  2. Develop systems and ensure their implementation to maintain accurate, updated records of product cost, production, and losses.
  3. Ensure that unsellable items are properly disposed.
  4. Ensure that department display units, coolers, work areas, storage areas, and sales floor are in clean and orderly condition and meet all Health Department requirements.
  5. Coordinate storage of items for return. Keep accurate records of department transfers, credits, and losses as required by the accounting department.
  6. Ensure deli equipment is maintained and properly serviced. Advise General Manager of equipment repair/replacement needs.
  7. Set daily priorities for supervisory staff to ensure productive work flow for counter operations.
  8. Develop and revise department’s standard operating procedures (SOP) as needed. Ensure staff is aware of and trained in department SOP’s.
  9. Ensure kitchen staff is aware of:
    • how to lift properly
    • location of accident reports
    • location of department first aid kit
    • requirement to wear closed toed shoes 
  1. Implement and oversee systems for quarterly inventory of deli items.
  2. Perform all other duties as assigned by General Manager.
  3. Attend management team meetings to develop marketing plan, plan promotions and ad campaigns, revise store layout, set store policies and procedures


Personnel Management

  1. Recruit, screen, and employ qualified staff following store hiring procedures
  2. Provide extensive hands-on training and appropriate written training materials to be used in conjunction with performance evaluation as standards of performance
  3. Conduct and file written copy of performance evaluation and recommendation for pay increase (if applicable) during required time frame with the GM.


Customer Service 

  1. Treat people fairly, consistently, and with respect so that they are given a reason to return.
  2. Ensure efficient and friendly service from all deli staff according to established customer service vision and standards.
  3. Provide product information and educational materials to customers and staff. 


Merchandising and Promotions 

  1. Ensure displays and shelves are fully stocked, rotated, fronted, and faced. Set stocking priorities for department staff. Stock items as needed.
  2. Ensure proper shelf tags and sale signs are on shelves and displays.
  3. Plan attractive displays
  4. Cross merchandise products with other departments.
  5. Conduct periodic price comparisons with other stores.
  6. Solicit suppliers for promotional offerings.


Retail experience

Purchasing (buying) experience

Familiarity with natural and organic foods 

Good organizational skills, demonstrated ability to handle multiple demands 

Good communication skills, both verbal and written, clear instructions 

Self-starter, demonstrated ability to follow through on commitments 

Knowledge of co-ops and member owned organizations 

Willing to be a team player 

Ability to lift 25 – 50 + lbs. 

Computer skills



Ability to complete above accurately and efficiently. 

Ability to do above with positive attitude.

Knowledge of natural foods and the natural foods industry. 

Sense of humor.

Regular predictable attendance.

Demonstrated ability to follow through on commitments.