Growing the Co-operative Food System

This presentation explores the impact and potential of co-operative enterprise in our regional food system, from the producer to the consumer.  The presentation reviews various co-op structures, including producer, consumer, worker, and multistakeholder models and provides guidance for people exploring a co-operative business start-up or conversion in their community.

PVGrows Spring Forum: "Good Food and Good Jobs in the Pioneer Valley," NFCA Keynote, 2014

NFCA Executive Director Erbin Crowell was keynote presenter at the PVGrows Spring Forum on "Good Food and Good Jobs in the Pioneer Valley" in Holyoke, MA, in April 2014. What are “good food jobs” and what can we do to support their creation? What role can co-operative enterprise play in building more resilient local economies that can sustain good jobs over time?

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Exploring the Potential of Regional Sourcing from NFCACoops

This 2014 presentation to the Eastern Corridor Steering Committee of the National Co-operative Grocers Association (NCGA) outlines some of the NFCA's projects in regional sourcing and next steps in building a thriving regional economy.

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Growing the Co-operative Food System from NFCACoops

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